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dc.date.accessioned 2021-09-16T15:16:10Z
dc.date.available 2021-09-16T15:16:10Z
dc.date.issued 2019
dc.identifier.uri http://sedici.unlp.edu.ar/handle/10915/124974
dc.description.abstract Pretreatments with high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) or calcium addition were assessed for thermal gelation of two cowpea protein isolates (protein extraction at pHs 8.0, standard (A8) or 10.0, pH-shifting-modified (A10). Maximum temperature of thermal processing and protein concentration (PC) on rheological behavior during and after gelling process were evaluated for pretreated isolates. The main effects of pretreatments occurred during heating since the proportion of heat-induced interactions that stabilized the matrixes increased. Those effects were due to partial denaturation (induced by HHP) and increase in Td (induced by CaCl2). HHP allowed gelation at temperatures (50–70 °C) lower than denaturation temperature and the obtaining of stronger gels at the highest PC (10.5 or 12.0 g/100 g). Calcium addition allowed gelation at low PC, but higher temperatures (80–95 °C) were required. Despite both pretreatments, A10 retained its ability to gel at lower PC than A8. Pressurized A10-gels were stronger than A8-gels. Calcium-added A10-gels were stronger than A8-gels at low PC (up to 7.5 g/100 g) or at high temperatures (90–95 °C), but no differences were found at high PC or at low temperatures. Thus, calcium-addition canceled those differences between A8 and A10 at high PC and at low temperatures. en
dc.language en es
dc.subject Cowpea proteins es
dc.subject High hydrostatic pressure es
dc.subject Calcium es
dc.subject Gel es
dc.subject Rheology es
dc.title Rheological characterization of the thermal gelation of cowpea protein isolates: effect of pretreatments with high hydrostatic pressure or calcium addition en
dc.type Articulo es
sedici.identifier.other doi:10.1016/j.lwt.2019.108472 es
sedici.identifier.issn 0023-6438 es
sedici.identifier.issn 1096-1127 es
sedici.creator.person Peyrano, Felicitas es
sedici.creator.person de Lamballerie, Marie es
sedici.creator.person Speroni Aguirre, Francisco es
sedici.subject.materias Química es
sedici.description.fulltext true es
mods.originInfo.place Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo en Criotecnología de Alimentos es
sedici.subtype Preprint es
sedici.rights.license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
sedici.rights.uri http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
sedici.description.peerReview peer-review es
sedici.relation.journalTitle LWT es
sedici.relation.journalVolumeAndIssue vol. 115 es

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